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Mike & YoLi At Home™ is a Creative Company offering Painted Furniture, Furniture Painting Classes and Interior Design Services.  Services in personal shopping, interior styling and everything home decor related. The space carries new, vintage and consigned furniture items (Learn more about the consignment program) as well as conducts painting classes and workshops.  

The company being co-produced by husband and wife team Miguel and Yolanda DeLaMora, both being artists in their own rights.

Miguel De La Mora has over 25 years experience in the fashion and design industry making him the best candidate for up to date trends in home decor mimicking the fashion industry. He has assisted in wardrobe and styling for various tv and movies sets that include Fox's Empire, APB, The Exorcist, Chicago PD, Chicago Justice, The Patriot and various others.

Yolanda DeLaMora has been in the Lifestyle Business for over 20 years and is a known and recognized Leader in the Interior Design Industry. Her commitment to Customer Service Excellence and Community Involvement has earned her the ability to be one of the fastest growing, most 'likable' and influential brands in the area. Her Signature Style of service and her unique eye for detail stemming from years of experience is what makes her style so unique. Her primary services include Creating and Designing trendy Home Decor along with Interior Design Services. She also holds a very entertaining wine education class. Over the years she has built her brand, respectfully named, Yolanda De La Mora and it embraces everything that she loves while also allowing her the opportunity to share by giving back to the community. 

With experiences ranging from styling the most glamorous homes, dressing A-listers in Hollywood and recommending the best wines to suit any entree, Miguel and Yolanda De La Mora both remain influential among those that are inspired by them as well as those that prefer a certain lifestyle. Their promise together is to continue to put a portion of their earnings back into their Core Programs in order to give everyone interested the opportunity to partake in Interior Design Services and various workshops regardless of their income.

All about Mike & YoLi At Home™, the brand.

'We are a Home Decor Retail Entity focused on New and Vintage trends in Fashion and Interior Design. Along with this, we wanted to come up with a fun and chic, all natural home fragrance product line that was appealing to men and women, sassy, urban, rural and chic people from all walks of life, and we did. With a last name like De La Mora, we certainly played around with the idea of "De La Mora At Home" but we felt as if this name comes across as too serious and almost too fancy for what we were aiming for in our product line, thus the reason Mike & YoLi At Home™ came about. 

Currently, we carry our own line of Home Fragrances and we are looking forward to presenting the world with our Mike & YoLi Home Accessory line.'

We are Miguel and Yolanda De La Mora