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  1. Chalk paint sticks easily, which means it doesn’t need a primer, so you can leave out this step. This often depends on the chalk paint manufacturer, so you may want to test it first. This also means less worry about old oil or glue left on your piece.
  2. Chalk paint is versatile in creating a wide range of looks; from distressed paint, crackled paint to limewash looks. (If you want the ‘chippy’ look, milk paint is better.)
  3. It doesn’t need wax or a varnish coat which makes it super easy to apply. Always consider wax, oil or varnish if you want to protect your piece.
  4. You can mix it to create custom chalk paint colors. There is a growing selection on the market.
  5. You can apply chalk paint with a brush, roller or sprayer.
  6. Chalk paint distresses well. You can distress before or after you wax. Chalk paint comes off in a fine powder if sanded. Just sand back to get the look you want for a soft, distressed finish.
  7. It’s the calcium in the paint that give it a chalky finish.

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